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Sunday, April 6, 2014


Charlie and I would like to wish our Goddaughter a very happy 11th Birthday! We are proud of you Maria and we love you very much!  You are a joy to spend time with! 

You are filled with wonder and not afraid to take on the world at age 11!  I still love the time you had to show Uncle Charlie how to work a piece of electronics.  I think he was quite impressed with you.  Remember he calls you turbo!

So looking forward to seeing the plans our Lord has for you.  He has given you many gifts!  I can't wait to have your over for a sleepover and taking you shopping!  Enjoy the Frozen movie!

We love you!

Monday, March 17, 2014


Happy  18th Birthday Anna and where has the time gone?  Of all the nieces you are the only one that two of your great Aunts (Toots and Rosie) said you looked like me.

I am very proud of the young women you have become.  You have a passion for life and all that it can offer you.  You have accomplished much in 4 H and received many awards for your sewing, cooking and singing and I know I didn't mention everything.

The most important thing is your commitment to our Lord and His church.  Thank you for your involvement in the Right to Life movement.  It is young women such as you and your friends that give me hope for the future.  God has given you many gifts and those are to used for his Kingdom.

May you continue to grow in the deep knowledge of our Lord's personal love for you.  He is a faithful God and has a plan for your life.  I love you Anna and I'm very proud of you!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Happy 52nd Birthday sister in law!  Please don't tell anyone that until you called me this morning to warn me about the roads.  I had forgotten it was your birthday!  I did look at the calendar yesterday and thought, March 12th am I forgetting something?  I had assured myself I hadn't.  I so pride myself on remembering birthdays!  Pride goes before a fall!

Well happy birthday Rhonda! Though the weather started out nasty the Lord ended the day with giving your sunshine!  I appreciate you and the way you take care of your family. I know that if I ever needed anything you would be there in a heart beat!  I will never forget how good you were to my parents'.

May you continue to grow in the deep knowledge of the love that our Lord Jesus has for you. We serve a good and faithful God.  He knows us inside and out and still loves us!  He so gets and understands us!  Happy Birthday Rhonda!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I would like to wish my sister Linda a happy 54th Birthday!  We have been through so much together.  We lived with a mentally ill father and took care of our terminally ill mother. We had many single years together!  You helped me write many papers while we were getting our Master's at the Franciscan University of Steubenville.  While I was a student at Central Michigan University I'll never forget the time that you came up to help me prepare for a debate.

You were the smart one! I still remember in the 7th grade you would sit at the dining room table doing your homework until midnight.  You were third in you class because you got an A- in Spanish and you took hard classes!

You have always been a good sister to me!  Thank you Linda!  Thank you for being a good mom and wife!  Thank you for raising your children in the Catholic faith!  Thank you for being a defender of the faith.  Thank your for opening up your home to your friends and family.  I especially want to thank you for holding the Fox family reunion this past summer.  It really was a piece of heaven for me!

You are a beloved child of God!  May he bless you with many more years !  I love you Linda!  Happy Birthday!

Friday, January 3, 2014


It's hard to believe that another year has come and gone!  We celebrated at Linda and Chuck's house again this year.  There was a lot of food, laughter, games, kids and playing on the ice pond.

See the girls in the silly glasses?  That was part of the junk I gave away when I was cleaning out my closet. I used them when I was teaching seventh grade Religion.  Maria shared them with her friends.

Thanks Linda and Chuck for hosting another party to bring in the New Year!  My resolution this year is to surrender to our Lady.  I want to know and love her like our Lord Jesus did.  I figure if God chose her to entrust His son to her then I can learn much from Mary.  I want to love Her son like she did!

The way I see it women can be an Eve and lead other's to sin or they can be a Mary and lead other's to her son who is the Savior of the world.  Women have so much power and so many are not using it for good.  I pray that more women will look to our Lady as their role model instead of the Eve's of the world.

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 30, 2013


Dear family and friends,

Charlie and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas.  I pray that you all are continuing to grow in the deep knowledge of what we are celebrating.  God the Father loved us so much that he sent us His only Son to take on our sins.  In doing this He opened the gates to heaven!  He loves us enough to let us decide on whether or not we will walk through those gates when we transition over to the other side.

I had a wonderful year catching up with so many friends.  In April I got together with my college roommates from CMU: Kim, Patti, and Ping (Sue).  It's like we never missed a beat!
June was very busy because we celebrated Katie Deliso and Jim Biewer's graduation from high school. The very last and hottest weekend of June, Linda and Chuck hosted the first Fox family reunion!  We had a great turnout and for me it was a taste of heaven!  I love family events!
In July I went to spend almost a week with my dear Friend Nancy Walker and her family, right Anne!?  
In the beginning of August, my sister Linda and I went to our 80's reunion at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. It was great seeing so many classmates and reconnecting with them.  We also spent time with Carol and Mark Nerhbas and ran into our old professor Dr. Allan Schrek and his wife Nancy.  The whole thing was a piece of heaven for me.
In late August, Charlie and I went to Colorado and we fell in love with it!  The highlight for me was coming down the Million Dollar Highway which stretches for about 25 miles between Silverton and Ouray.  Ouray is known as the little Switzerland of America. This little old town is surrounded by mountains. It was just breathtaking. We stayed in several old hotels that Charlie picked out for me because he knows I love history!  We plan on going back next year but will rent a jeep to go on the trails!
.        In September, I went back to Steubenville for Sarah Ross' wedding.  I lived with Ed and Donna Ross and their six children, for six months in 1987, at the time (Mike was born after I moved out).  Sarah was only a little girl then and it was such an honor to be invited to her and Matt’s wedding.  Whenever I go to the Ross' I always feel like I have returned home! We pick up like we've never missed a beat! Thanks Donna and Ed and Kids!
Thanks Bill and Theresa Danaher for letting me stay with you during my visit. It was such a joy to catch up with so many friends from that period of time in my life.  I am blessed to have so many dear friends in that part of the country.  You all hold a special place in my heart!

 Now an update on my nieces and nephews...

Linda and Chuck's Catherine is a junior at Aquinas College and is doing very well academically. She received the Outstanding Sophomore award last year. She is majoring in German and International Business.  She did a study abroad in Germany from April-August. She also has a good voice and is in the choir at Aquinas.  She is still the president of Aquinas' pro-life group.         
Jim is a freshman at Aquinas College. He hasn't declared a major yet, but likes Theology and Philosophy. Jim says the best thing about Aquinas College is that the church is only a block away and he attends daily mass.  He has also acquired a love for fresh brewed tea.
Anna is a senior in highschool this year.  She works at Mancino's restaurant. She excelled in 4-H and won trophies on her baking entry and on the knee length formal dress she made. She also won two rosettes, one for her modeling in the fashion show and one for singing in performing arts.  She is currently in a leadership group at Most Holy Trinity, and is also a member of her pro-life group, Homeschoolers 4 Life, which she was president of for three years. Anna loves to sing and enjoys singing with her dad at church events, and she has a great voice as well.
Matthew is a freshman this year.  He is active in the Boy Scouts and has reached the Star rank.  Last summer he enjoyed going with the Boy Scouts to Mackinac Island for a week to be a member of the Honor Guard and he loved it.
Markus is in seventh grade and is also a Boy Scout. He loves learning and enjoys sharing what he has learned with others.  He got an honor ribbon on his apple pie for 4-H.  
Maria is in fourth grade. She is still very much a little girl.  She still likes to dress up and play with dolls.  Maria also sews and won an honor ribbon on her 4-H outfit, and won a trophy modeling it. She loves to sing and has such an amazing voice for a 10 year old!

Kevin and Rhonda's oldest Jen is in her second year of teaching Social Studies at Rolesville Middle School in Raleigh NC.  She was living alone but recently got a nice apartment with two other friends. She was able to come home for Christmas last year and again this year due to how their school year is structured.  
Rachel is a senior at Davenport College majoring in Accounting.  She continues to work at the State of Michigan for the lottery.  She is dating a nice young man by the name of Rob.  
Aaron is a junior and turned his basketball in for golf clubs.  He was on the golf team last year and plans on being on the Varsity team this year.  

Brenda and Chris's Katie is a freshman at LCC, living at home and working at Mancino's. She misses her friends who have gone off to college.  She and Anna stayed at our home and took care of the animals when we went to Colorado. We already have them booked for when we go to Jamaica in January!  
Dominic is a junior and enjoys hanging with his cousins and going to the youth group. He and his cousin Jim received a rosette for their duet on the harmonica this year at the 4-H fair.  Dominic also got a blue ribbon for playing the piano.
Joey (Joey D to his classmates) is in eighth grade and got recognized last year for getting a four point.  He works very hard for his grades.  He played baseball last summer.
Kelly loves playing soccer and has tried her hand at fifth grade basketball and she did very well. She is now on the A team for the St. John's youth team.  She is a great cleaner so periodically I pay her to help me clean on Saturdays.  While her cousin Maria took the Trophy for modeling in their age group for 4-H, Kelly received the Rosette.  It was quite exciting and they were both very happy for each other.  They are such good friends!  I love having them spend the night and sometimes we throw John in there as well!
John is in third grade and made his first communion last spring. He enjoys playing basketball. He continues to make all of us laugh at the funny things he tells his mother every once in awhile.

It's hard to believe we will be entering another year. I am fifty-five years old which was the age of my mom  when she crossed over to be with our Lord.  Everyday I am conscious that the Lord could call me home. For that matter He could call anyone of us to cross over.  It is just a reality that we are on a very short journey and it's important to prepare our hearts. I've been reading more material on the afterlife written by Christians and I find it quite exciting.  I so look forward to seeing our Lord, his mother and all the angels and Saints. My Aunt Alda (Fox) Salisbury passed away this past year and Charlie’s Uncle Melvin Wieber passed away.  Though I don’t like that term because as believers are not dead! They have just begun their journey to heaven. I especially look forward to seeing my family members and those from generations past who lived faithfully and chose to be with our Lord in His heavenly Kingdom which is a real place!

God bless! And I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Charlie and Lisa Wieber

Christmas 2013

I sure have not been in the blogging mood!  Shame on me!  I want to thank Anna Biewer for giving me her Christmas picture.  Charlie and I had some communication problems and all my beloved pictures were destroyed.  So I lost a lot of great pictures that I had taken of the kids opening their gifts.

Oh well life goes on! I love Christmas Eve with my family it's so magical for me! Though as half of them have grown into young adults it's not as exciting. There is something about looking at Christmas through the eyes of children!  Their excitement is contagious!  Kelly and Maria loved the Christmas story book which allowed me to record my voice reading the story.  They will always have my voice at Christmas time.  Kelly said would read it to her children.

I want to thank my sister Brenda for hosting!  We were a little nervous because she had lost power for a couple of days.  I want to thank my sister Linda for hosting on Christmas day!  Charlie and I started Christmas day with going to morning mass and picking up my elderly cousin Mary Louise. We all so took her to Linda's for the delicious turkey dinner she had.

God is good!  I am so thankful for my husband and my siblings and their families!  Merry Christmas Everyone!


God is Faithful. But our faithfulness matters very much to God. When I was single (rememer I was 43 when I got married.) I would think of my mom remaining faithful to her vocation. My dad was mentally ill and difficult but she remained faithful and we her children benefitted from the fruit of her faithfulness. So what ever your situation, a single parent, a stay home mom, a single gal or guy,a husband in a job he hates but needs to provide for his family, your faithfulness matters to God!

Charlie and Zack

Charlie and Zack

Abby mothering Danny the Cat

Abby mothering Danny the Cat

Abby the Big Dog!

Abby the Big Dog!

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